Highly Concentrated CBD Topicals

CBD comes in so many varieties however if you want to target a specific site on the body CBD topicals may be the best option. Your skin is also known as the largest organ on the body – able to absorb anything you put onto it through pores. All of our topicals at Cannavape™ Laboratories utilize full spectrum CBD oil in nano technology form. We reduce the CBD molecule to one-fifth its normal size to be able to become more bio-available and absorb through the skin easier. Currently we offer the best CBD topicals available in CBD Salves, CBD Lotions and CBD Massage Oil.

CBD Salves
High-concentration salves are a great way to administer CBD topically. Containing nano particle size CBD, our salves are easily absorbed through the skin. Our Cannavape™ salves are some of the most potent on the market with over 2,000mg of CBD in each two ounce container.

CBD Lotions
Our lotions are highly concentrated containing over 2,000mg of CBD in each four ounce bottle. We have a variety of lotion types available ranging from unscented all-natural to lotions containing therapeutic grade essential oils. All of the CBD oil used in our CBD lotions is full spectrum, containing original terpenes, flavanoids and other cannabinoids from the original plant offering the entourage effect.

CBD Massage Oils
Experience the relaxing and calming effects of cannabidiol (CBD) through a soothing massage with our professionally manufactured CBD Massage Oil. Containing over 2,000mg of full-spectrum hemp oil extract per bottle, we not only beat the competition in our CBD dosage but offer a range of unique essential oil types for further relaxing effects.

CBD Topical Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are legal in all 50 states for sale and distribution. Our products contain no THC whatsoever even though they are sourced from the Cannabis plant. Through our specialized lab equipment, we only use a 99.97% pure CBD isolate in our products.
This is our #1 asked question. The simple answer is NO. Our product DOES NOT contain any illegal substances. Derived from industrial hemp (cannabis plant) our CBD goes through a very elaborate extraction process producing a 99.97% all-natural and pure CBD Isolate crystal.
All of our harvested batches of CBD are tested by a third party laboratory in addition to final product lab testing. All of our products are tested and guaranteed to be free of mold or any heavy metals. Our products are also sent through microbiological and cannabinoid potency testing to ensure proper results.

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