CBD Vape Juice and CBD E-Liquid

Welcome to Cannavape™ cbd vape juice products. Vaporizing CBD is the quickest and most efficient way to take cannabidiol. Experience the effects quicker and with more dosage accuracy by vaping our CBD e-liquid. Inhalation has always been the most efficient way to experience the cannabis plant. All of our vape juice have tried-and-true solid formulas that we have been manufacturing for a number of years now. Our formulas are the most popular types of cbd vape juices available on the market today.

Sub Ohm CBD Vape Juice
Our sub ohm vape is formulative copy of very popular e-liquid brands on the market but contains CBD isolate rather than nicotine. We use the most desired ratios of PG to VG to acquire a smooth tasting, vapeable form of CBD. Enjoy the many healthy benefits of CBD with sub ohm mod devices, tanks and amazingly tasty flavor.

Custom Vape Juice Bar
Interested in making your own, customized personal flavor from scratch? Visit our vape juice bar to select up to 3 popular flavors to create your unique custom vape juice. We have over 5,000+ unique combinations of fresh flavor additives available daily. Let our experienced mixologists design your personal flavor today.

CBD Vape Juice Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are legal in all 50 states for sale and distribution. Our products contain no THC whatsoever even though they are sourced from the Cannabis plant. Through our specialized lab equipment, we only use a 99.97% pure CBD isolate in our products.
This is our #1 asked question. The simple answer is NO. Our product DOES NOT contain any illegal substances. Derived from industrial hemp (cannabis plant) our CBD goes through a very elaborate extraction process producing a 99.97% all-natural and pure CBD Isolate crystal.
All of our harvested batches of CBD are tested by a third party laboratory in addition to final product lab testing. All of our products are tested and guaranteed to be free of mold or any heavy metals. Our products are also sent through microbiological and cannabinoid potency testing to ensure proper results.

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